“Think street, train sport, practice art.”

Elements Self Defence

Here at Elements our self defence program puts a very heavy emphasis on grapplling arts with the main focus on Brazilian Jiu jitsu.
Brazilian Jiu jitsu will help you develop spacial awareness thus increasing your comfort in confontational situations.
We focus on closing the distance and using grappling skills to pacify and dominate an agressor on the ground with the option to sumbit or potentially strike from a superior position.
If you want to utilise any technique regardless of wether its on the street, during sparring or in competition you must go through the following steps.
    1. Learn the steps – This would be done during class. Most other self defence programs stop here
    2. Understand the timing – This is done during repetition from the same position during sparring. We call this specific sparring.
    3. Execution – Enforcing your aquired skills in 100% live sparring, This will be introduced once you have a better idea of the heirarchial structure of BJJ, how to apply techniqes safley and most importantly how to tap.
We put a large emphasis on practical application and pressure testing your skills. We do not believe that you can understand how to utilise a technique without trying it with a resisting opponent.

 So when can I try a class?

Our fundamentals classes below do not have any sparring and they are a great introduction to what we have to offer.
Fell free to try out a class for FREE. No need to contact us just turn up and enjoy the session.




Elements HQ

(Rear of 127-131 Conway St)

Entrance is a passage between 127-131 Conway street.

Once you have a better understanding you are welcome to try out over a dozen mixed level classes where you will be able to try out some sparring.

Whats required

Kit required- Shorts and t-shirt . No footwear.