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Kids Classes

Since our first class in 2010, our childrens’ self defence programme has gone from strength to strength. We are proud to have the largest grappling based self defence program for children on the South Coast. Our classes will teach your child how to defend themselves using their body, applying leverage and technique. They will also build confidence and develop important motor skills, as well as fitness, flexibility and core strength. The sessions are run in three age groups:

4-7 years,
8-11 years,
12-15 years.

From the age of 16 they have the opportunity to participate in our adults programme. The children’s classes are run by a reliable and experienced team of coaches and assistants and overseen by owner and Head Instructor Yousuf Nabi. Their primary concern is the safety and development of your child. All our instructors and assistant instructors are fully insured and DBS checked.


Class Times

We currently operate throughout school term time with the exception of the summer holidays where we carry on running our Saturday classes which all our Mat Monkey, Junior and Teen members are able to attend:

Mat Monkeys
Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 16:00 – 16:45
Saturday @ 9:15 – 10:00

Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 16:45 – 17:45
Saturday @ 10:00 – 11:00

Tuesday, Wednesday @ 16:45 – 17:45
Saturday @ 10:00 – 11:00


£60 Joining Fee/ Insurance

We currently have a network insurance policy which will be included within the Joining Fee. All members of the Elements network are required to be insured for student to student cover. This will be validated from your first day of training and will be renewable every year. Subsequent yearly insurance renewal will be £30.

£40 per month for one class a week or £55 for two classes a week.

Upon joining, all our kids will receive:

We require one month notice if you require us to freeze your membership. There will be a £20 admin fee if you wish to hold your child’s spot otherwise we will need to allow that spot to be filled with the next child on the waiting list.


Our children’s programmes are very popular, so to ensure that we do not overcrowd the classes we allocate each child to a designated training day. At certain times of the year we may have to implement a waiting list for particular days to ensure that all the children attending our classes gain the most out of their experience.


Our aim is to offer a positive, nurturing environment where everybody feels comfortable. It needs to be fun, but at the same time structured to ensure that the children are progressing and learning. It is our policy that parents stay for the duration of the younger childrens’ class, however it is encouraged to watch the older children but this is not necessary. We will always ensure that you and your child receive a warm welcome. We appreciate that when a child steps into a new environment, they may feel shy and nervous. Don’t worry! Many of the children who train with us have felt this way at first.

Your child will be paired up with an experienced junior student and will be mentored until we feel they are more comfortable within the class environment.


For the younger children, we set out to make the class more engaging and fun so they do not lose interest. We start with a warm up, usually around 10 minutes. Next, the techniques. For each class we have a set number of techniques that the children will methodically work through with the instructors. Finally, we play games. These can be grappling specific, but will usually end with a game of dodge ball or stuck in the mud!

8-11 YEARS
Similarly, we start with a warm up. A little longer than for the younger children. So around 10-15 minutes. We then move on to our techniques section. Here the children will be shown one or more techniques. They will then practice the technique multiple times with a partner. The next stage of the class is “rolling”, where they will be sparring with each other. This is a very important in terms of development, as it teaches a child how to react against a resisting opponent. The instructors are present and coaching throughout the sparring. Providing support and ensuring that every child is safe as well as has the respect of their sparring partner. During the last part of the class we play a game that all the kids love such as dodge ball, stuck in the mud, sticky octopus etc.

This class is run similar to an adult class:
Warm up


The only way to answer this is to bring them down and see for yourself! Most children are nervous when they come into a new environment but our friendly atmosphere will help to make them feel comfortable quickly. We want every child to develop and progress so therefore we assess each child to see if they are able to engage with the class instructor and the environment.

It is very important that all the time and effort is not un-balanced towards just a specific child. It maybe that we would suggest a different option for them or perhaps wait until the child is ready to partake in a group activity.


When joining Elements, all students sign a Waiver of Liability form & fill in a Medical Questionnaire before commencing their training. We have an insurance policy through the United Kingdom Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association (UKBJJA) that provides us with public & products liability cover.

However, every student needs to have their own insurance, and can be obtained by joining the UKBJJA at a cost of £10.00 per year for your own personal liability cover. The UKBJJA is a non-profit organization, and any surplus funds are reserved for investment for development of the sport If you have any other queries do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email.


Elements HQ

(Rear of 127-131 Conway St)

Entrance is a passage between 127-131 Conway street.


  • review rating 5  Trained here for 2 years and though i've only had the odd session at other gyms I realise how good this place is. Hilarious that there are reviews saying the coaches are not trained. Head coach is competing at Polaris (if you're new to BJJ check it out). Many British champions amongst the other coaches which speaks for itself. The best thing about elements is the atmosphere. The focus is on learning and working as a team. There is a healthy competition team (which is totally optional). Last British open they took 9 gold medals across all belts so I suppose the techniques must work pretty well. There probably are cheaper places to train, but you get what you pay for and there is a free trial too so come see for yourself. Free sessions for experienced BJJ guys too which is great because we have people visiting from around the world and see some new techniques and styles.

    thumb Mike Best

    review rating 5  All the reviews say exactly what this club does (except for the single negative review which must be a joke). On a personally level the coaches and the club members have made it such a pleasure not just for me but also my 8 year old son to train in such a amazing sport. 😁

    thumb cyrus yaz

    review rating 5  I’m going to reiterate how great Elements is. There have been loads of false reviews to primarily lie about how “bad” this establishment is. I find it disheartening and pathetic some people would blatantly make stuff up just to ruin a business’s reputation. Don’t believe the 1 stars and negative comments! They are simply NOT true. Yousuf (the owner) and everyone working at this gym are all very qualified and extremely great at their job.

    thumb Tia Eveleigh
  • review rating 5  I have been taking my 2 boys to Elements for nearly 3 years now, had a couple of classes myself as well and can honestly say it’s a fantastic club with a great spirit around the place. I’ve genuinely never seen the boys finish a class without a huge smile on their faces. Awesome coaches and a great venue. Seriously couldn’t ask for more!

    thumb Nick Young

    review rating 5  Both my children train with elements after doing muay Thai for a year we moved them here a year ago and they couldn’t be happier, staff are amazing they’ve learnt so much! Would highly recommend! Very friendly and welcoming group. My eldest who has been going the longest has grown in confidence and technical ability. His progress is growing I’m excited to see what his future holds at elements.

    thumb colin drewitt-barlow


Yousuf Nabi – Head Coach and Teens Coach

Younis – Juniors Coach

Nina Hultier – Childrens Class Manager and Mat Monkeys Coach.

Kris – Assistant Coach

Dominic – Assistant Coach

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